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finding your balance

All of my tips for balancing your hormones are waiting for you inside this 70-page downloadable PDF guide.

Let’s get real for a second, friend


Are you saving all of the posts on improving your hormones, googling symptoms constantly, trying to figure everything out on your own when it comes to your hormonal health?


Do you ever feel like you are trying all of the things you've learned online but are feeling overwhelmed and unsure if it's really working?


Are you trying all of the supplements and teas but still not seeing the changes with your hormonal health that you would like?


Have you felt frustrated with your health because you're avoiding ALL of the ‘bad foods’ but one little thing still causes you to feel bloated.


Do you feel discouraged that nothing you are doing seems to be helping and you don't know why you are doing some of the things you are doing for your health anymore?

You see- most of my patients felt the same way.

I originally created this e-book as a guide for my current patients. For 6+ years I have talked about all of these things with my patients. I found that too many changes at once can becoming overwhelming and my patients needed things that can help improve their quality of life, but also be sustainable. After years of working with people, I found what people resonated with the most, had the most questions about and were looking for the most help with. I'm now sharing these problems and solutions in my 70 page guide outlining how to support your entire body to improve your hormonal health.

building a solid foundation is key for hormonal health.

This isn't about ‘quick fixes’ or following specific protocols. In this guide, I’ll share my tried-and-true methods for helping women improve their overall health which leads to hormone balance and a happy life.

Are you getting excited yet?


Finding your Balance: A Woman's Guide to Hormonal Health

My comprehensive e-guide to improving your hormonal health by making sustainable and enjoyable improvements to your diet, lifestyle, digestive health, and understanding of your body.


Let’s take a look at what’s inside


What’s inside the Book?


Understanding Hormones + Fertile Window


Addressing Low Progesterone




The Gut-Brain-Ovarian Connection  


Nutrition for Your Cycle + Seed Cycling + Protein


Managing Stress + Sleep Support


How to Implement Changes and much more!


80% of women struggle with hormonal issues. Most women menstruate for about 40 years of their life. Almost half of their lives.
—don't suffer for this long…

There's no gatekeeping here. This guide is designed to help you better understand your body and how to heal it in easy-to-understand and implement methods. 

You’ll learn how to...

Eat foods that help your digestive health and reduce bloating and discomfort.


Incorporate nutrient dense foods into your day-to-day routine to support hormonal health.


Know exactly how much protein you should be eating each day (with meals + snack ideas).


Reduce hormone disrupting toxins in your environment by learning how to identify them and detox them from your body.


Use methods for reducing stress and improving sleep quality, both of which play a huge role in hormone health.


Better understand your body and HOW these methods are actually helping you.

Ok, so how can i access these tips?

The kind of knowledge contained in this guide is part of the support I offer to my patients. However, I want women to have access to this information that may not have access to me. In honor of this new launch, I’m offering the Finding Your Balance e-guide for only


MEET THE CREATOR—dr. katie zaremba

The amount of information online on how to heal your hormones is incredibly overwhelming. As a woman who has struggled with hormonal health issues, I know how important it is to have easy accessibility to answers and solutions.

Six years ago, I started working with women to help improve their health and hormones. I've worked with many women over the years and one thing they share in common is stress around the overwhelming amount of ‘quick fixes’ that exist geared toward hormonal health. My goal with my patients is to always help them heal and educate them on HOW to continue staying well when we no longer work together.

I created this guide as the basis of things I discuss with my patients to help them overcome their health challenges and see improvements in their overall health. I believe that all women will see some improvements in their health by implementing these tips. This guide provides a fantastic foundation for healing and hormonal balance.


It’s time to find your balance.